Around the world, around the world~

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I’m an idiot… I thought I was working at 6 tomorrow. Apparently I’m working at 1.

Well that works out way better. This way I can go see the “last song” with my mom at 9pm… and yes I know Miley Cyrus is in it. D:


Plus I read the book, and I cried… I want to know if the movie is going to be anything like the book.

Oh and this. Enjoy.



DantexNero Fanmix~ <3

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Was going to post this on LJ… but due to maintenance I can’t.

Soooo here works too~ ❤

Download the fanmix here~ ❤

1 Whataya want from me- Adam Lambert

“There might have been a time
When I would let you step away
I wouldn’t even try but I think
You could save my life”

2 Down- Blink 182

“Tidal waves they rip right through me
Tears from eyes worn cold and sad
Pick me up now, I need you so bad”

3 Last stop this town- Eels

“Takin’ a spin through the neighbourhood
The neighbours scream
Whatcha talkin’ bout?
‘Cause they don’t know how to let you in
and I can’t let you out”

4 Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional

“And I am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself

5 Time is running out- Muse

“I wanted freedom
Bound and restricted
I tried to give you up
But I’m addicted”

6 Trust me- The Fray

“Were only taking turns
Holding this world
It’s how it’s always been
When you’re older you will understand”

7 Afflicted- Age of Daze

“I am addicted, addicted to you
Like a bad pill, like a sick thrill
I can’t get enough of you”

8 Every Me, Every You- Placebo

“Sucker love is known to swing.
Prone to cling and waste these things.
Pucker up for heavens sake.
There’s never been so much at stake.”

9 Lost in you- Three Days Grace

“You always thought that I left myself open
But you didn’t know I was already broken
I told myself that it wouldn’t be so bad
But pulling away it took everything I had”

10 Crawling- Superchick

“And if I had to crawl
Well You’d crawl too
I stumble and I fall
Carry me through
The wonder of it all
Is You see me through”

11 Hungover- Ke$ha

“I’m left here with myself and i wonder what went wrong
And now my heart is broken
Like the bottles on the floor
Does it really matter?
Or am I just hung over you?”

12 Hear me out- Frou Frou

“Oh go ahead and lie to me
You could say anything
Small talk will be – just fine
Your voice is everything
We owe it to love
And it all depends on you”

13 Animal- Ke$ha

“I am in love with what we are
Not what we should be
And I am, I am starstruck
With every part of this whole story”

14 Post blue- Placebo

“Bite the hand that feeds,
Tap the vein that bleeds
Down on my bended knees..
I’d break the back of love for you,
I’d break the back of love for you”

15 Life Starts Now- Three Days Grace

“Cause life starts now.
You’ve done all the things that could kill you somehow
And you’re so far down
But you will survive it somehow because life starts now.”

16 Time for miracles- Adam Lambert

“You know that
Maybe it’s time for miracles
‘Cause I ain’t giving up on love
No I ain’t giving up on us”

Art is from the DMC4 art book, and textures from here

Would tell you all why I picked each song.. but I’m far too lazy, and I want to go to sleep~ ❤

Night everybody~ ❤


oh damn it. I’m sorry </3

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Oh kay. It’s been far too long. Sorry I haven’t been updating here lately. OTL I’m not going to lie, I completely forgot about this blog.

Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh I’m cool.

Anyways art stuff now, right?

Well here’s some.

Yup. I also finished the image to go along with my drabble rain;

So yeah, not much new here.

Going to town tonight~ I’m gonna buy Assassin’s Creed 2 ❤ I’m excited~ Also, I promise I’ll update more ; n; I feel bad that I haven’t been.

Oh you’ll also notice that I’ve added a email subscription box there, just add your email in there and you’ll get all my updates there~

Also I got a new theme ;D What do you think?

I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna change <3

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Oh wow, lol. It’s been a while. OTL

I’ve been really busy lately, I’ve stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning working on assignments for my instructor course then having to get up at 8 in the morning for the pas couple of days. It’s not exactly what I would have wanted to have done in my “spare time”… I’ve also been working a great deal lately.

But anyways I haven’t really had much to post here so hence the inactivity.

Anyways here’s line art I finished a few days ago:

if you wish to see the finished picture you can find it here

Also I made a new video, hope you enjoy  ❤

anyways that’s it for today :3

Night y’all ❤

Rain. [finished drabble <3]

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So here’s the drabble I was working on. I finally got it done : D This one is loosely based off an RP I had with one of my besties~ :3  I hope you all enjoy it… I don’t really think I have much of a warning for this one… unless there’s anyone who’s offended by hugging~

Oh and there is some inappropriate language… so this one’s rated T, I guess.

“I’m sorry.” The words slipped from his mouth, as he blinked back betraying tear. He wouldn’t cry- no, that’s not something that men do. At least not him, not at his age. His head was pounding, and ached with the guilt from everything he had done wrong. He was a disaster, broken and destroyed; feeling completely unworthy of being whole again.

“Dante,” the voice echoed in his head, “How many times do I have to tell you, there’s nothing for you to apologize for.”  He lowered his head as the hand came towards him, pushing the bangs from his forehead. “It’s normal to feel this way, you’ve been through a lot, but things will get better, they always do.”

“Why does it rain on me?” His voice broke as he pushed his head into the comforting hand, searching for more, needing more of something, but unsure of what that something was. Dante was well aware that this day would come. The day when he would finally break and fall. Fall from the structure of security that he had built to protect himself from the hard cement that was his memories. Each one shattering him, splitting him to the core. His memories of his mother’s murder, and the distance formed between himself and Vergil. How he had lost Vergil, his only family, due to Vergil’s hunger for power and his inability to stop him. Up to the events that took place on Mallet island; how he was the one who unknowingly put an end to his brother’s life.

“Why?” He whimpered, forcing his eyes closed fighting back the burning liquid that threatened to seep past his tightly woven eyelashes and desperately attempted to purge the memories from his consciousness. He felt the warm hand’s touch leave his face and place itself along his back accompanied by another less human hand. Dante allowed himself to be taken into this embrace, though he knew he couldn’t allow himself to look at the boy who had pulled him into it.

“We’re all bound to get caught in a down pour every now and then, but that’s life. There are ups and downs, and you can pull yourself through this. You’ll make your way out of the rain, there’s no such thing as a never-ending storm,” said Nero pressing his forehead against the older man’s shoulder.  “You’re not alone in this, I just wish you would learn to let people in sometimes. It’s frustrating when you’re looking for the entrance, but keep running into these invisible walls.” I wish it were that easy, kid. Dante thought as he brought his arms around the young man and rested his forearms against Nero’s back.

“God, I’m such a fuck up.”

“No, you’re not.” The boy said pulling the older man in closer. “I know you probably feel a little off because of how you’re acting, but you’re not a fuck up. It’s normal to feel like how you do, and to act exactly how you’re acting Dante.  No one is judging you on that.”  Dante rested his head  at the base of the boys neck, and finally allowed himself to fully relax for the first time since these emotions had overcome him.  He found himself wishing he could show the kid his appreciation for being there for him when he thought he was alone but he knew that no matter what he said or did it wouldn’t be enough, and even if he tried the kid, he knew, was too stubborn to even think about accepting it.

Nero felt Dante’s body beneath him heave, and the whimpers from before replaced themselves with shallow breaths, and voiceless sobs. Never in his life did Nero ever expect to see the one man, who was still alive, whom he respected most break down like this. Nor did he expect he’d be the one who was comforting him like this. His jacket collar slowly became saturated with the warm tears that finally made their escape from behind Dante’s eyelashes. The older man’s body rocked gently in sync with the tears that flooded from his eyes and pooled on the boy’s shoulder. The two of them remained there, clung to one another for a long time, neither of them speaking. Neither of them wanting to disturb the silence that had formed; for it was in that silence that they had found themselves become completely dependent on the other’s existence.

…. Sorry if that was really lame. XD
Anyways off to bed ❤

night everyone~

i’m dreaming in colours of getting the chance

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okay, so at long last I have inspiration for writing a drabble.

n_____n ❤

most of my inspiration is coming from this song.  ❤
it’s so pretty.

will post probably sometime tomorrow, or whenever I finish.

i wish i could quit you. </3

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So this is my first post. :\
I don’t really have much to say here. I didn’t sleep much last night so I’m bagged. P:
I also just finished watching Brokeback, again. ; n;
And the water works have finally stopped.

It’s currently 12:50 am, and I’m exhausted. So I thought I’d show a few WIPs that I’m currently working on…
Tomorrow I’m devoting myself completely to late Christmas gifts. Hopefully I’ll get a least one done.
Blahh. I’m just lacking motivation right now. I suppose that comes with the insomnia. :\

Anyways now that my brain is completely shot I’m going to bed. ; A;